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Think before you post

Before you write a comment and post it, don't forget to think. You may want to use WORD to write and edit your comment. If you do so, you will have a chance to re-read your comment before you copy and paste it to the blog. This will give you the opportunity to think again about what you have just written before you actually post it. I also suggest you preview your comment before you publish it.
Think before you post.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

On taking risks

"Part of the process of change is to work to share who we really are as men. We live in a society where, for men, being tough, in control and competitive (by definition, against others and other gender stereotypes are qualities that are rewarded in when we work and play.)

The expression, "men have a lot of buddies, but no real friends," can be a place to start. We need to be open and honest about...yes....about how we feel.

How do our experiences affect our lives?
What are our hopes, fears, doubts and joys regarding our relationships,parents, school, work etc.?
Share your point of view with us.

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