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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stereotypes with names

Provided By: kevjumba

This is kevjumba's introduction to this video clip:

"This is another funny blog about race, but this time its specifically about names. Each race has its own type of names given at birth so my friend and i decided to talk about them. We understand that not all the names we named make sense haha but i think the viewers will understanding what were going for. oh and if you're wondering, i'm chinese and i live in a very diverse part of the United States.
hope you guys enjoy and if you find it funny, please leave some comments"

(Since this blog is part of our EFL class, let me ask an annoying question first:

Have you noticed any grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc mistakes? Tell us in class. Oh! I'm sorry... We EFL teachers tend to ask these (and other) questions. Kevjumba has posted a video on this, too. No harm intended, Kevjumba)

And now, let's get some work done here:

I. Read some of the the comments and responses
on the youtube site.

II. Answer: Which comment (if any) do you identify with?

III. Add your own comment here and, if you want to, on the you tube site too.

Incidentally, we will let these two guys know that we have discussed their video clip both here and in class and invite them to comment and respond (they might choose to do so)

IV. Kevjumba

a. Learn more about kevjumba

b Watch one or more of his videos. Write a response & comment here

c. Check the number of viewers kevjumba has had. What do you think about that? Why has he got such numbers? Write a response & comment here.

V. The clip.

a. Why do you think it is important for these two guys to talk about names the way they do?

b. Does the clip raise any new questions? If yes, which one (s)? Would you care to answer it / them?

c.. How is this video clip relevant to what we are studying?

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